8 Mind-Blowing Exam Answers

How to Avoid Funny Exam Answers

  1. Set a time to study. Do not wait until only a day is left to study. There are students who cram the last minute, and certainly, it’s a stressful experience. You should have a timetable for the study. What to do is to know how many exams will there be and how many days are left for you to study. Organize your schedule and find a balance with which you can feel comfortable.
  2. De-clutter your study space. See to it that you have enough space on your table to spread your study materials, including your notes and textbooks. See to it that you feel comfortable with your chair and you have a good lighting in your room. Get rid of the distractions so that you can focus.
  3. Use diagrams and flowcharts.В These visual aids can improve your focus. You can challenge yourself a bit further by writing down some notes, and highlight those areas that you need to study closer. As the exam comes nearer, you can make diagrams from these notes. Doing so will help you memorize better.
  4. Explain the answers you come up with during practice exams to your parent or siblings. This method can help in clearing your head and determine which areas you still need to work on.
  5. Get old exams and practice with them. You can look up past versions of the exams, but make sure you’re spending enough time studying each section.
  6. Join study groups or sessions. This method is one of the most useful to remember to avoid funny exam answers. In the study sessions, make sure that each of you is focused on the topic for the best results.

This what happens to your Math exam when all you think of is going home and playing Pacman while in class. Aside from perfect attendance and constant studying, people say that there are tricks in getting higher score during tight schedule examination.

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More Study Tips

  • Taking notes during classes. Your brain has the tendency to memorize and familiarize the things you have written.
  • Doing practice tests. Practice tests allow you to be calmer during the actual test.
  • Listen to relaxing music. Music clears your mind and allows you to think clearly.
  • Eat a good meal. A good meal serves as fuel for your brain cells during the exam.
  • Sleep well before the exam. Your brain won’t work well if it’s too tired.
  • Don’t sweat on the items you don’t know. Answer the questions you know first. Don’t spend more time drilling for the same question you don’t know the answer to.


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