Common Geometry Exam Questions: How to Get Better Results

Sample Multiple Choice Geometry Exam Questions Online

Evaluating the extent of your knowledge before the actual test is important in order for you to brush up on topics that might require further study. When it comes to geometry exams, nobody is truly ready especially that it involves a great deal of analysis and problem solving. One of the best solutions is to use geometry exam questions that are easily available online. Various coordinate geometry exam questions with answers and GCSEВ maths algebra exam questions are the most effective test preparation solution. It is the perfect help for students who are constantly struggling with getting good scores. The following are top 10 geometry exam questions that will serve as great pre test sample:

  1. Two parallel lines intersect.
  1. True
  2. False (Answer)
  1. TA triangle is a closed planar shape with
  1. 2 sides
  2. 4 sides
  3. 3 sides (Answer)
  4. 5 sides
  1. A closed planar shape with 5 sides is called a
  1. Pentagon (Answer)
  2. Hexagon
  3. Square
  4. heptagon
  1. A closed planar shape with 4 sides is called a
  1. Segment
  2. Hexagon
  3. Quadrilateral (Answer)
  4. heptagon
  1. A line segment is defined by
  1. 1 point
  2. 3 points
  3. 2 points (Answer)
  4. 4 points
  1. An equilateral triangle has
  1. only 2 equal sides
  2. all 3 sides equal (Answer)
  3. no equal sides
  4. one right angle
  1. Which of the statements below best describes a square?
  1. A square has 4 equal sides and 4 right angles. (Answer)
  2. A square has 4 equal sides.
  3. A square has 4 right angles.
  4. 2 pairs of parallel sides.
  1. The linear distance between -4 and 17 on the number line is
  1. 13
  2. 21 (Answer)
  3. – 17
  4. – 13
  1. Find the coordinate of a point equidistant from (1, -6), (5, -6) and (6, -1).
  1. (2, -2)
  2. (3, -2)
  3. (3, -3) (Answer)
  4. (2, -3)
  1. The line segment connecting (x, 6) and (9, y) is bisected by the point (7, 3). Find the values of x and y.
  1. 14, 6
  2. 33, 12
  3. 5, 0 (Answer)
  4. 14, 6

Practice Coordinate Geometry Exam Questions as Study Guide

There is no need to barricade yourself alone in the library especially that we can provide you with helpful exam preparation tips. Online exam preparation with us offers you proven methods to crush your test. Of course, you can use finance exam questions or other, but here are best exam preparation tips for every student:

  1. Do not get yourself too stressed about the exam but instead prepare for it. Study weeks or days ahead and focus on improving your weaknesses.
  2. If your current studying techniques are not working, do not hesitate to upgrade it. You can get online exam preparation help from experts to solve your problem.
  3. Geometry skills can be solved by continuous practice. Get free coordinate geometry exam questions with answers as efficient guide.
  4. Repetition is also helpful. The more you repeat the process, the more you are likely to remember and this is extra helpful when following specific formula.
  5. Geometry exam questions are the best study resource for students. You can practice solving various problems and apply your learning in order to remember and understand better geometry topics.

We provide you with shortcuts that are guaranteed to give you good results. Our pre test sample is perfect for students who are struggling in keeping up with their scores. Avail top notch academic help for students online now with us.

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